After five intense years; we the collective backers of Star Citizen write to you concerning the deeply troubling development being exhibited by the studios under your leadership. The dismal gameplay trajectory and a schedule that extends beyond 2018 into the unknown speak for themselves. As CEO of Cloud Imperium Games, you are responsible for the failures and shortcomings currently plaguing this ambitious game.

Star Citizen has promised many incredible things yet under your guidance it has primarily concerned itself with endless pixel perfection of game assets, animations, demos, and other inconsequential fluff. You pledged to build the game we are dreaming about. You pledged to offer respect and transparency. Over time it has become clear your real priorities are elsewhere; you practice highly questionable marketing and promote dishonest revisionism after your plans fail to materialize. Not once have you apologized for the sorry state of the project.

Star Citizen is the largest crowdfunded game in history and as such deserves better than your obsessive micromanagement and empty promises. Therefore, we the backers hereby request hereby request your resignation from the project.

You will work with backers to find a fully qualified replacement. Should this effort take longer than two months, the task of selection will fall to existing company leadership.

You will make us and the public aware of the current financial health of Cloud Imperium Games and disclose any existing private investments.

You will cease collecting a salary effective immediately. We encourage you to return any and all unearned funds to the project and publish a full account of your earnings since the onset of crowdfunding.

We will miss you terribly.


— We The Backers